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Koh Lanta's another famous island for hideaway holiday & vacation in Thailand. With wonderful beaches facing west, travellers can enjoy magical sunsets and verdant jungle. It's an island people come back to, again and again. A place where it's always around 30 degrees C.A place where time is soon forgotten, where you can spend hours watching the antics of hermit crabs.

You are staying in bungalow resorts not hotels. Almost all buildings on Koh Lanta are single story. Many are built of natural materials. Some have pools and aircon.For six years Koh Lanta has enjoyed electricity. Two years ago telephones arrived. This year we have mobile phones.

The timeless magic that makes the Lanta island so special cannot be broken by a few modern conveniences. Most of the beach land is long divided into small pieces, so most resorts are small, with 30 to 50 bungalows or less. There are few pieces of land large enough to support modern hotel groups, so we are spared that pleasure here.

When backpackers came local fishermen and farmers built huts so they could stay more comfortably. Then a small restaurant where the wife and daughter's cooking could be enjoyed.These 'resort owners' had little schooling. They had never seen a western hotel, or been trained in business or hospitality. Yet their innate goodness and friendly hospitality created small resorts that provide a relaxed haven from the modern world.

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